Spa spoilt

Another weekend, another spa.

I have been a very lucky lady this month!

Last weekend I had a lovely spa night away with a bestie I have been friends with for 30 years.

30 YEARS! That’s along old time and yes I’m sure many of you are shocked to learn that I am indeed over 30…right?

My friend Dee and I found an amazing deal online that included afternoon tea, a treatment, dinner, a nights stay and brekkie. So the whole weekend revolved around food and relaxation which suited us just fine. It’s funny how, although we’ve both changed so much since we were 5 (shocker – that) we are still just as close as we were then. We still find the same stuff funny and can’t control ourselves once we start laughing. Walking through the corridor one evening a cleaner smiled and said hello to us, Dee responded brightly ‘Good Morning!’ then shuddered – it was 9pm. I did not stop laughing for hours.

There’s not actually much we didn’t laugh at – it was one of those weekends that flew by and my face ached from the smiles. I went on a spa weekend with Dee when I was drinking too, it wasn’t the same, it wasn’t relaxing because all I focused on was when I could drink, when I couldn’t, how much I could get away with.

I don’t even remember if Dee had a glass of vino with dinner, that’s how little I notice alcohol around me now. Instead I notice my surroundings and how I feel. This weekend was a good one.

From a spa weekend with my oldest friend to a spa weekend with my new man. Quite the contrast but still loads of fun. Some people said they didn’t think I should mention my relationship on the blog, considering how disastrous all the others have been. But really, why wouldn’t I? It’s a part of my life now, and if that changes I will probably write about that too!

We drove down to New Forrest – I love it there! The nature, the outdoors, the ponies!


Much like the weekend before, it mostly revolved around food, I’m pretty sure I have eaten my own body weight in scones and jam in the last 14 days. I’ve also solved that everlasting debate… it’s definitely cream, then jam, not the other way around.

We arrived in Lymington on Friday, just in time for lunch, after a mosey around the marina we had a lil luncheon in the yacht club. I love the look of all the pretty boats and the idea of getting a group of friends together for a weekend of laughing, joking and sailing, BUT it looks like a whole load of effort to get these boat into the water in the first place. So if ever I happen to come into a monstrous amount of money, I wont be spending it on a boat, but maybe some nautical clothing… I do love a good breton top.


We checked into our hotel after lunch, we stayed at the Macdonald Resort which is a huge place with beautiful gardens, spa and outside rooms, like holiday chalets; but it was no Butlins!

* not that there’s anything wrong with Butlins, one of my fondest memories is Butlins in Bogner singing along to Spice Girls – I think my parents might even still have that video somewhere.

After being greeted with a bottle of champers in our room (turns out they didn’t get the sobriety memo – we just popped the unopened bottle outside – no drama) we went to the spa for our massage. An hour of relaxation and bliss. Only issue is, when I relax, like really relax, my whole body unclenches which sometimes leads to certain sounds and smells omitting themselves without my control. Poor Miriam the masseuse.


The majority of our time was spent outside walking and exploring – we covered 35km over the 3 days, which was great because I needed to get used to wearing my walking boots again in prep for my Peru trip! At what age is it ok to start talking about walking boots and getting them out in public? I had no shame in wearing them to dinner on the way home. I didn’t even roll down my walking socks.


So our first weekend away together was a success! Not too much bickering (although there was a situation over a boiled egg which I will leave for another post) but a fab, fun weekend. Which I hope there are many more of, but if there aren’t, that’s cool too. I’m not going to be afraid to write about something just in case it doesn’t work out. Life is for living afterall – and I plan on living it to the full.

Love Katie xxx



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