Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring; make what’s in your wardrobe sing’

Considering Stylishy Sober is positioned as a London Lifestyle and Fashion blog through sober eyes, I am absolutely rubbish at blogging about fashion.

I love clothes, experimenting with different styles and have been a sucker for fast fashion over the last few years. I get excited about buying ‘the skirt of the season’ only to wear it a couple of times then give it to charity to make more wardrobe space for the next months fads.

But what I’ve noticed is trends keep coming back. Fashion goes round in cycles. There are so many times I’ve wished I had held onto an item and only ended up buying it brand new again when it’s time for it to have its revival.

Not only that but there’s the obviously the hot topic of sustainable clothing and how awful fast fashion is for the environment; the manufactoring, the shipping the waste. By contributing to the industry we are damaging the planet. If you havent seen it yet defintely give Sarah Dooley’s; Fashion’s Dirty Secrets a watch. It will really make you rethink the way you shop.

There’s also been a focus on fast fashion and influencers affect on people buying beyond their means as there’s so much pressure to keep up with the latest trends. I can totally relate to this.

To me fashion is about having fun and expressing yourself through what you wear. All of the negative effects of fast fashion make me feel like the sad face emoji.

I’ve personally made a commitment to cut down on fast fashion and to reuse, reshape and rekindle as much as I can with what I already have. I don’t want to contribute to pollution or negative impacts on the world if I can help it and buying clothes (or not buying so many) is well within my power to change. Another plus side of all of this is saving a little bit of moola so I can put it towards travelling the world rather than destroying it.

I also live in a teeny 1 bedroom flat and my cat Ted dominates most of the space, leaving me with little room for clothes!

So I thought I would pull together a few looks, different pieces from different seasons (and years – some of this stuff is mega old), layering for the cold, dressing up casual pieces and dressing down my posh frocks. I’ve tagged where the clothes are from but they are all bought a wile back- so doubtful theyre in store anymore. Some are years old and smelt a bit mothy getting them out – must do something about that….


Dress – Topshop Jumper – Primark Trainers – Aldo Bag – Topshop

I am a huge lover of a midi/maxi at the moment. They were huge this summer and to transition them into winter I’ve paired them with a classic chunky knit and comfy trainers. Obviously heels will make the look more dressy.


Dress, bag, hat and body – Topshop Boots – Primark, cost £8 and have lasted 3 years!

Mini’s will never go out of fashion, although I’m reaching the age where saggy knees become a thing (who knew), so I would pair my minis with tights which makes them perfect for Winter/Spring. Tights look odd when taking a flat lay picture though so I haven’t included them in the photos.

Fedora’s (that’s the hat Dad) have been ‘in’ for so many years and I think they add an edge to any otherwise plain oufit.


Ted – someone who could no longer take care of his furry butt. Jumper – Topshop Bag – Diane Von Furstenburg Hightops – Converse Pleather skirt – New Look

Converse can last years but still make a look feel updated – I didnt think to clean mine before this shot – sorry! Again – I would probably wear this with tights in cold weather, I love patterned tights at the moment, I have some leopard print ones (less garish then they sound) and tights with little hearts on them.


Jumper – Primark Skirt – ASOS Shoes – New Look Bag – Ted Baker (this bag is what Ted is named after, he crawled in it 3 years ago when I went to see him and I have a rubbish name game clearly)

One thing I do tend to invest in is a good bag, a good handbag can last years and will always look elegant.

You’ll probably notice a trend of animal print boots in my wardrobe, again – they keep coming back and never look out of date!


Dress – Topshop Jumper – Primark Bag – Diane Von Furstenberg Boots – New Look

I wore this dress with strappy heels to my Christmas do but it works just as well for a dinner/drinks outfit with a colourful knit. I’ve also dressed it right down with a pair of trainers and a cardi.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my little style post. It’s definitely made me realise I have a definite favourite 3 shops!

Happy layering.

Katie xxx

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