Sunday Funday

I don’t know about you but Sunday is my fave day.

It’s a day I used to desipise, waking up with fear, fear of going into work on Monday, fear of being hungover, fear of having to drink again, fear of not being able get to the shops to get a drink. Fear of life. But not anymore, now I love a Sunday – it’s a day I take for me. I get to choose how I spend it now, I have a choice.

Along with the rest of the world, the contents of my purse is non-existent after Christmas and I am patiently waiting for pay-day; defrosting the old chicken from the back of the freezer, cashing in my penny jar and pretending beans on toast is a nutritious meal….. So when my friend suggested a free exhibition at the Science Gallery, I thought yep. Let’s get our culture on.


Getting our culture ON. Didn’t even know this gallery near London Bridge existed – a great find!

The exhibition we went to see was called Hooked and was focused on addiction, the cause, the different types and the theories behind it.

It might seem like I spend my life talking/thinking about addiction but I really don’t. The only time I ever generally think about it is when I am writing or trying to think of a ‘look how wonderful life can be sober’ caption for my Instagram.


Each letter represents a different addiction – can you spot them? Clever right?

The exhibit was a mixture of pictures, videos and interactive art installations that bring to light all the different types of addiction and take you on a thought provoking journey of; when want becomes need.


Scary sugary images

A number of the exhibits were looking at social media/phone addiction. Which is really interesting but absolutely bloody petrifying to think – when does the line get crossed? From wanting to see what’s going on in the social media celeb world, to checking your facebook, insta, twitter, dating apps, messages, emails every 10 mins to get your dopamine hit?


This installation was a room of ‘dying batteries’ – anxiety raising! I even took my charger on the train today

One theory of alcoholism is that it is genetic, addicts have a hereditary gene that makes them predisposed to the illness. I get that, I understand it and have seen it first hand . But what about social media and phone addiction? It’s so new, older generations are far less likely to be addicted to social media. I can’t see my Mum developing a need for an hourly Facebook fix to get her through the day. So that suggests it’s our surroundings that contribute? The need to check and carry your phone with you at all times. Anyway – maybe a bit heavy for some Sunday reading – but interesting nonetheless!


Love addiction instillation – walking through a door of discarded wedding rings

It’s a shame Hooked is in  it’s last week – but I am so pleased that exhibitions like this are taking place now, opening up conversations of addiction. The more people talk about it the better our understanding becomes of it – when we understand things better we are less likely to be scared of them. It’s the fear of what we don’t understand that produces stigma and prejudice.


The juxtaposition of London, impressive statues with left over KFC rubbish. Yes I am proud I got the word juxtaposition in. 

After the exhibition we had a wonder through Covent Garden on our way to Pineapple studios to attempt a Hip Hop class. By the way – if anyone knows where the cash machines are in Covent Garden please holla, we walked for about 20 mins trying to find one!

If anyone’s interested classes at Pineapple are around £7, there’s no need to book you just drop in!


Pretty – but could add some signs to the nearest hole in the wall!

As I’ve written about many-a-time, I love to dance. I love it, but I am not particularly good at it. So fear can still get a hold of me when I go to lovely professional dance studios that literally smell of stage school and attempt to learn some new choreography. But it was a beginners class so surely it couldn’t be that tough…


Ummm wrong-diddy-wrong wrong. It was bloody hard. But great fun. Now I’ve had my laser eye surgery I can see the teacher which is awesome! Unfortunately I can also see my ‘dance face’ which is not so awesome and I kept getting laughing fits whenever I caught a glimpse of what I can only assume was me attempting a ‘hip-hop’ expression. I’m sure Beyonce looks exactly the same when she’s rehearsing for her world tours.

Leaving the class feeling sweaty and content I have now spent the evening doing meal -prep for the week and giving Ted a lil cuddle. It wasn’t a glitzy, glam or jam packed Sunday but a perfectly balanced day of fun, friends, culture and health and it made me happy.

I love the freedom of living in such a wonderful city, where you can experience amazing things for free. Although I went with a friend today, I would have no issues doing everything we did on my own. That’s the difference between then and now. Before, I would have been too scared to go anywhere on my own, then sat in self-pity that no one wanted to do the things I wanted to do. So if you are sat there thinking you want to have some sober fun but have no one to explore with, do it on your own.

Live the life YOU want. Do things YOU are interested in and what makes you smile . Don’t let fear or judgement hold you back.

Love Katie xxx




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