Prancing in Pineapple

If you follow me on insta you’ll know that this week I was invited to the Pineapple Dance Studios to celebrate it’s 40th anniversary, I was really restrained and only posted 947 stories about it…



To celebrate the big bday, Pineapple launched a collection of dance/activewear in collaboration with Hello Kitty which is the perfect blend; as Debbie Moore (founder of Pineapple Dance Studios) describes it;

“I feel Hello Kitty embodies the feelings of positive joy and happiness that dancing gives”


Debbie Moore – who founded Pineapple Studios in 1979 and Hello Kitty 

This is exactly what dancing gives me, it makes me feel alive, it helps me forget anything else that is happening at that moment in time and just concentrate on the routine and moves.

Alot of people say that when you get sober you will remember passions and hobbies that you used to have when you were young – that’s definitely been the case for me. I’ve always loved dancing, I wasn’t the best in class or the one that loved to be centre stage, but I loved doing the choreography and moving my body. So when Pineapple asked me to come along and be part of this celebration and take a dance class in the iconic studios I jumped at the chance! I’ve always wanted to dance at Pineapple but my anxiety stopped me – I thought it was for professionals only and me flinging myself about in the lovely studios  would only bring the wonderful Pineapple name down a notch or two (funny how although I was massively insecure I still thought that was in my power).


The Hello Kitty chair – so cute, so comfy, but imagine the dust between those kitties!

The studios are lovely – just as you would expect and there’s a total mix of professionals and West End stars who use the space and a huge number of drop in classes that happen every day for everyone, beginner right through to professional. I will 1000% be going to a class now I’ve caught the dancing itch again.

This was the first event I have been invited to off the back of my blog and it meant a lot to me, the event was a celebration and dance class for a number of bloggers who have a far bigger following than me and have been doing it a lot longer – I felt really proud to be a part of it.


The gang

I don’t write this or have my Instagram to make money from blogging or get free stuff, I have it to raise awareness of addiction as it is such a misunderstood illness. If my blog reaches 1 person who is suffering and gives them strength, or educates 1 person to understand the illness and support someone suffering then that’s great. If I do get invited to cool events or offered free things that are in line with my interests and beliefs then ya I am going to take them – I’m not an idiot.


Loooooook I got my own goodie bag, outfit with my name on and everything!

If you are thinking of knocking the drink on the head but are worried about what you will do with your time – think back to your childhood and those things you used to love that you may not have time for now. The things that used to inspire you before you found drinking, bars, clubs and got into the pattern of visiting them every week.

Everyone has a passion, something they are interested in, you may not have found it yet – but it’s there. Spending time on this and the things you love will be far more fulfilling than any amount of vino, I can promise you that.

Love Katie xxx

If you are interested in any of the Pineapple classes here is the link to the timetable;

Pineapple Studios Classes

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