Self-caring, it’s not just what you’re wearing

Self care seems to be the new buzz word at the moment, people band it around willy-nilly. I’m guilty of it at least once a week… 


#selfcare (insert yoga pic)

#selfcare (insert glorious bubble bath)

#selfcare (insert pic of the new Times best seller book)

#selfcare (insert pic of ‘well deserved vino’)


No people, no!


Think about it for a moment peeps, wine may relax you for a few minutes but it’s not good for you, it is a poison – hence your body reacting with a hangover after a few too many. Ciggies may have the same relaxing effect but you would never class having a fag as self care would you? So why do we think it’s OK for vino?

Now before I upset people I want to make it perfectly clear, the only reason I don’t drink is because I’m an alcoholic, if I could drink like a ‘normal’, have a few glasses here and there, I would! So I am by no means trying to spread a fear of alcohol. I just want to point out that having a drink isn’t caring for yourself, quite the opposite, and that kind of message just normalises behaviour that is already an issue.

I’ve noticed more and more shops doing this recently, wine holders for the shower, belts that conceal booze, water bottles that say ‘this could be vodka’, books that celebrate mum wine culture with titles like, ‘why mummy drinks’. No wonder the UK has such an unhealthy relationship with liquor*.

I feel I’ve ranted enough now, what I actually wanted to do in this post is talk about real self-care. I’ve only just really got to grips with whats good for me, mentally, physically and socially. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant spa day (although I am writing this from a hairdressers chair). Looking after yourself can be free and simple.

Here’s some things I’ve learnt recently in an effort to look after myself:

  • Alone time, time totally alone in your home (pets are allowed and so are kids I guess…) no phone calls or messages, no insta, just you. I find this one really tough. Not being alone, I’m cool with that, but leaving my phone alone is something I am awful at – so I recently installed a ‘screen-time’ app. The app records the amount of time on your phone and break it down to social apps, messages etc. Scary stuff. But what I need to help look after myself.
  • Time with friends- I know I’ve totally contradicted myself but I’ve spent a lot of time on my own recently enough to gain my energy back after a tough few weeks so I can then share this energy with friends and family. There’s no point in me seeing people and ‘people pleasing’ if my minds elsewhere, I want to spread that energy and spread that lurve!
  • Stroking a cat, any cat. It helps reduce stress, if it’s a Persian fluff ball called Ted it helps even more!

I mean…just look at the fluffywuffy woo woos 

  • Fresh air.
  • Doing  a weekly shop – practical, boring, but really helps me plan my meals so I’m not stressing or eating rubbish – which only makes me feel rubbish. Oh and remembering to take one of my many ‘bags for life’ sooooo satisfying.
  • Stretch, it doesn’t have to be full on yoga (that sometimes stresses me out more which is odd), but I find just stretching and getting oxygen to my muscles makes me feel great
  • Putting on clean bed sheets

No better feeling than fresh bed sheets

  • Morning routine – a routine that doesn’t include rushing to get out the door whilst downing coffee. But getting up at 6.30 so I know I don’t have to rush, do some stretches, do some meditation, I might even throw a self-affirmation in there, eating breakfast and putting on clothes I have already chosen the night before.
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

What you think you become 

This is just what I do to give myself a bit of love. I asked a few friends what they do to love and look after themselves and one replied quite frankly…Wank.


Fair doos.


Sorry Mum.


Love Katie xxx

*If you are interested in reading some more stats on Alcohol in the UK click here

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