Exploring Essex pt 1

We have been blessed with glorious sunshine in London the last few weeks…

So like most city folk the first thing we do when it’s hot and it’s the weekend is look to escape to the beach. Immediately. Wanting to avoid most of London who would be in Brighton or Whitstable we popped in the car (thank the Gods for air-con) and drove just over an hour to Essex, Leigh-On-Sea a lovely little sea-side village that I had no idea existed.


Pretty! Who knew the water could be so clear in the UK

Now I have to admit, I don’t know much about Essex. I went to Dagenham market once when I was a teen to buy a fake Gucci handbag (which lasted a surprisingly long time) but that’s the only time I’ve ventured there before now.

We stopped for lunch in a cute little restaurant which over looked the sea, and ate a  mediocre meat platter and a so-so salad. But it was worth it for the gorgeous view.


Cute view, not so cute grass rash after posing 

A short walk down a green, grassy hill with a great view of the sea is Old Leigh. A cute little street, lined with working cockle-boats, restaurants, old English pubs and an ice-cream stall or 6. The cobbled streets have such great character to them you could be transported back in time; until you hear a ‘lady’ swearing on the top of her lungs that she got a white stiletto stuck in said cobbles. ‘Bloody old stones…’


Something so intriguing about boats docked like this – I mean how do they get them out?

We sat and watched the boats in the sea, the swimmers (it was hot but they must have been freezing!!!!), people paddle-boarding and even jet skiing, there so much to do. I love being close to the sea, it helps if ever I’m feeling down or anxious – which I have been recently. It reminds me how small I am, being on the edge of something so vast. Anyone else get that or is that just my over-active brain? We sat for a while people watching and discussing things that have no significance, lovely idle chit-chat on a love idle Sunday.


Dipping my toes… or not… fresh pedicure you know?

Walking back we came across the cutest garden tea room – dog friendly, people friendly, really friendly in general. The iced coffee was delish and came in a very Insta-worthy glass with a paper straw (I always admire the establishments that have moved away from the plastic tubes), the carrot cake I’m told was equally yummy (it took all my will power not to have a bite). Discovering the place only took cash – of which we had none, they even let us do a bank transfer. V cool. V 2018.

exploring essex1

 Sara’s Tea Rooms – Google it – its good (and I can’t get my hyperlink to work

I love finding new places to visit and the small part of Essex I’ve seen is really pretty (Ummmm this doesn’t include Dagenham market), hence the pt 1 to this title. I will be back…


Although I’ll prob give this place a miss… 

Katie xxx



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