Managing change so it’s not so strange
Tomorrow I start a new job, a job with a new company, new people, new location that I chose. I don’t feel scared or anxious, I feel grateful and excited for a new chapter. I chose change.

If this were a couple of years ago I would have been totally gripped with fear, and would most likely be having some vino to overcome that feeling, but instead I’m having a cuppa and a cookie (any excuse) and writing a quick post about it.

I used to look at change with such negativity, be full of doubt and despair for any change that may come along.



Redundancy? Ridiculously terrifying

End of a relationship? Easily the worst thing to happen to anyone ever (even if the coupling was more of a disaster than Romeo and Juliet)

Moving house? Mother of everything hideous

Opal fruits changing their name to Starburst? Earth shatteringly devastating


I try to embrace change as an opportunity, welcome it with open arms and see it as a chance to develop myself, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Obviously this doesn’t happen ALL the time; I didn’t exactly jump for joy at the price of Ted’s fave cat-food changing with a 20p increase but you get where I’m going right?

Nowadays I find that change and pushing myself out of my comfort zone really helps my anxiety. There was a time I couldn’t go to the shops alone or get up to use the toilet at work without being crippled by panic, which seems ridiculous to some, but that was my reality. Now I have no apprehension in dancing down the high-street and cartwheeling to the toilet if that’s what I feel like doing. I do really think this mindset has come about because I have chosen to change, myself and my situation.

Saying goodbye to old places, people, things and behaviours can be really daunting. Giving up alcohol was the biggest change I have ever experienced, it was the most difficult but was also by far the best thing I have ever done.


I was upset saying goodbye to my amazing team this week, who were with me through my biggest change. They made it even more difficult by being so wonderful on my last day, spoiling me to lunch, with gifts and even a poem! But I can say goodbye with my heart full of gratitude for making life-long friends and memories; and looking forward to doing the same in my new role. The post, gifts and kind words I have had about my new job from the people I love has been over-whelming, I’ve picked up a lot of these people in my life due to change and I would be lost without them.

change 3

So if anyone is feeling anxious or worried about a change that’s coming up try and remember that someone once said;

‘Life starts at the end of your comfort zone’

Now I am not actually sure who came up with that gem but its a goodie!

Katie xxx

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  1. emma
    May 13, 2018 / 8:47 pm

    OMG I had no idea it was this week – I didn’t get to say goodbye to you in person. Thank you for being you and have a ball in your new office Emma H x

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