Stylish sips from sober lips

Today I had a luscious farewell lunch with my lovely team. As it was a special occasion I ordered from the ‘treat’ section of the drinks menu and opted for an elder-flower delight from the non alcoholic bubbles.

Now I normally don’t drink much apart from water – for no other reason than I like the taste of plain old H2O. But we were celebrating so I wanted to feel a bit… nice I guess.

So, I was looking forward to my beverage (and let’s face it a nice photo opportunity), with anticipation I watched the waitress bring out my elder-flower bubbles, that promised to be exotically refreshing, in a TUMBLER.

A child’s tumbler.

A sturdy, thick glassed tumbler you give a 9 year old once they have graduated from sippy-cups and plastic handled beakers.

A tumbler you would give the tipsy Uncle you don’t quite trust at a Christmas get together.

OK maybe this image is a slight exaggeration but you get the poin

As you can probably gather from my rant – I was outraged.

“Could I have a nice glass please, like the others?” I asked motioning to the rest of the table who had beautifully thin stemmed, dainty wine glasses and flutes.

“What – like a wine glass? But this is not wine?” The waitress said – correctly observing my choice.

“Anything that doesn’t make me feel like a child at a grown up’s dinner party please” I handed the glass back to her (acting slightly like the child she probably borrowed the glass from). Poor thing.

Now this is more what I had in mind


This got me thinking. Obviously in the world of equality and correctness we should all be given the same choice of glass. BUT if we want to be picky – which I do right now. Surely is makes more sense to give the people not drinking, the dainty, more fragile glasses as we are far less likely to break them? Why should we get the cr*p? Just because we choose soft drinks/mineral water/juice without booze in it, we still pay for it. Surely we should be allowed a decent drinking device to accompany our liquid of choice?

I am very tempted to start a campaign, but I am pretty sure there are more important issues in the world at the moment, so for now I will stick to these ranting blog posts. But there may come a time where I take things further…

Katie xxx

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