Unexpected combos

I love paradoxical fashion (I’m not 100% if this sentence makes sense, I just wanted to use a big fancy word).

yellow blog 3

Placing things together that shouldn’t really go together but do! Like leather and florals, stripes and polka dots, chocolate and chilli, maple syrup and bacon, mmmmm bacon.

The juxtaposition (check me out using 5 syllables), of the typically masculine and typically feminine results in a flattering, sexy look.

yellow blog 1
Casual stroll 

I love this floral dress from H&M. I typically never wear florals as I always seem to resemble a 10-year-old when I do – but the length and style of this dress is perfectly grown up. Paired with leather boots it’s a great combo of the hard and soft – ideal for those who wont commit to the true girly look or the hardcore biker style.

Plus its great for the ever predictable British weather, rain? No problem (out comes the biker)! Sun? Unlikely but, yes please (off comes the biker and up go the sleeves)!

yellow blog 2
Walking with purpose, not sure where to exactly? 

To weave a bit of sobriety/recovery talk into this post; something people tend to say to me is that I don’t look like an alcoholic, again, the surprising combinations often turn into beautiful blends that work well together! Until people see the unexpected together; like leathers and floaty dresses or addictions and people who don’t look like they suffer from them; they wont know that these are possibilities. So lets talk about these mixtures – both in fashion and in life. Let’s raise awareness!

Katie xxx

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