Dough balls and white walls

Whatever happened to dinner and a movie (or film – this is a London blog after all)

The classic date night. Just enough mix of conversation and escapism we need for a functioning relationship in 2018, and it involves popcorn. Winning.

dough 2

Nowadays it feels like the #datenight is reserved only for places like Hakkasan, Sushi Samba and the Shard, as lovely as all those places are how often do real folk go there? Really? So last night we wanted to take it old-school and bring back #datenightdinnerandamovie

We drove to Bluewater to have a bite to eat and watch a film/movie (I am so confused by all the blog advice I’m getting), ‘make sure you use US English so they can relate across the water’. ‘Don’t forget to keep the Londonisms in to keep it authentic’. Argh! I’m just going to say film for the remainder of this post.

So Nick and I went to Pizza Express, which in my opinion is another thing we need to bring back! I stopped going in the early 2000’s and I don’t know why. The dough balls are as good as ever (the garlic breath aftermath – not so much). The decor has moved on a bit and they now take your order on an iPhone but they still have those iconic blue drinking glasses. Those glasses remind me of nights me and my girlfriends would go to Pizza Express when we were teens thinking we were grown independent women sharing dough balls and drinking tap water from those classic blues, which is exactly what I drank yesterday and they didn’t make me feel pressured into buying overpriced mineral water  – yay – I hate it when places do that.

dough 3
Yum no.2

On our way to the cinema I spotted a white wall. Since starting this blog I am obsessed with walls – white walls in particular. They’re great for standing in front of and taking a few pics to show off an outfit. So my wonderfully patient Nick was there snapping away at me posing in my really plain outfit when I realised people were actually stopping and looking – probably to see WTF this crazy lady in a t-shirt and leggings was doing posing in front of a plain wall. Maybe next time I will wait for a quieter moment.

Our movie of choice was Game Night, if you havent seen it already I wouldn’t rush to the cinemas. All the good bits were in the adverts (commercials??) but it was a nice, easy watch, with a few chuckles thrown in. I managed to consume all the popcorn and pick and mix before the film started so I was on a sugar high that probably made me laugh a little harder at things that probably weren’t lol-worthy.

Dough 1
Yum no.3 

The last time I remember going to the cinema before last night was to see Wolf Of Wall Street in 2014. Not that I remember the film, I was sloshed before I got to the cinema and like with most other events I spent the majority of the time at the bar bringing drinks in (it was one of those ‘trendy’ cinemas in Clapham that have a bar inside). When people asked me what I thought of the film for a long time after I just spouted rubbish. I was so ashamed I didn’t remember. Who blacks out in a cinema!?

Well now if anyone asks me about Game Night I will quite happily and easily relay all the details of the film and why it was unfortunately mediocre (I love Jason Bateman too – funny man). But I can also tell them how wonderful and simple date nights are now – especially when you can remember them.

Katie xxx





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