Nuts, anoracks and spectacles

When did convenience and comfort become so crucial?

I was sitting minding my own business at work when a colleague of mine blurts out the classic: ‘my grandma called – she wants her glasses back’. Chuckle. Very original.

Comfort blog 3
Shoes; Kurt Geiger, Jeans; Topshop, T-shirt; Zara, Belt; Obvious

But it got me thinking, I used to jest with my mum about her spectacle chain: Why! What’s the point? It doesn’t look nice! Just wear contacts!

Then 2 weeks ago I took that step closer to morphing into my mother (which is no bad thing), I bought a chain for my specs. I didn’t buy it in an East London ironic geek/granny/chic way, I bought it in an ‘I always misplace my glasses – maybe this will help’ way.

I’m 34.

It’s not just the glasses chain, there’s a whole list of things I now find myself doing that remind me I’m a sucker for comfort and convenience rather than chicness –if these things can be rolled into one then great, but if not, convenience all the way! Maybe I should think about renaming my blog, ‘Appropriately Abstinent’.

Here’s a few of the things I do now that I would never dreamed of doing in my 20’s;

  • Think about pockets before purchasing ANYTHING – again, my mum always used to check everything I ever bought to see if it had pockets. Now I understand why. Pockets are essential – but not for ‘combat trouser’ volume of storage, just 1 or 2 will suffice

    Comfort blog 2
    Bracelet; Nomination, Nail; Painted myself 🙂
  • Wearing trainers in the office – busy days mean lots of running around, there was a time I did this in stilettos (goodness knows how, but my bunion-ed feet tell me it wasn’t worth it) now trainers are my footwear of choice when I don’t have meetings. Sometimes, if I’m not venturing too far away from my desk I even go bare foot, shhhhhh
  • Big bags. A clutch these days no longer cuts it, I need my tangle teaser, my make-up bag, my purse, my phone (which is now about the size of most clutch bags) and a bottle of water with me at all times. Also nuts… I started carrying nuts around with me to stop any hanger (hunger + anger) – am I the only one?

    comfort blog 5
    The BEST nut mix; M&S
  • Anoraks. No more trying to balance carrying brollies along with gym kits and the previously mentioned big bag. Anoraks = underrated

Seeing all this in writing makes me think maybe I am a fraudster attempting a fashion blog, but here’s to combining the chic and the comfy and to never losing my glasses again.

Katie xxx

One thought on “Nuts, anoracks and spectacles

  1. I actually love the glasses chain! Ain’t nothing wrong with a bit of granny chic! I think pairing it with the rest of your really stylish/classic outfit it works really well – rock it!


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