Spring in the City

Spring has sprung!

Well for today at least, (you never know here, The Great British Isles like to keep us on our toes and always carrying a brolly).

Along with the new season, new thoughts enter the female brain (well, my female brain at least);

  1. Must get my Spring/Summer clothes out of the attic/cellar/from under the bed soon
  2. I hope they aren’t covered in cat hair
  3. I hope they still fit
  4. Really should get working on that ‘Summer Body’ now
  5. Crap, I’m going to have to shave my legs
  6. Must buy razor

Spring in the city 2

These thoughts (plus a million others) go round and round until the Spring sunshine arrives in all its glory and you’re sitting there; fuzzy legged, pulling dark cat hair off of your lovely pastel coloured tees and trying to squeeze into last seasons pencil skirt; completely unprepared. Then finally, by the time you’ve de-fuzzed, de-cat haired and are ready to shimmy down the road in an Easter bonnet… it starts snowing.

The answer? The inbetweeny look. Thin layers you can take off, little ankle boots to keep your tootsies sheltered from the rain/snow/sleet and a pair of sunnies for those brief moments the sun decides to say hello and blind you whilst crossing a busy road in central London.

Spring in the city 3

For once, I managed to wear the perfect outfit for the weather the day actually produced and not just for the iPhone forecast. I’m so chuffed with myself I wanted to share it.

Lightweight, mom fit jeans (maximum comfort; Zara), thin polo neck body (warm but airy – be warned – not and ideal choice if you are still carrying a little winter weight due to the unforgiving material; out of stock ASOS) and my fave ever duster coat Topshop to cover up the winter weight. Boots and bag are Kurt Geiger and the sunnies are ever-trusted Ray-Ban. Belt is loved and long saved for Gucci.

Spring in the city 4

Here’s to succesful dressing for British weather! Hurrah!

Katie xxx

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