Designer Bag For Life

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Big eeeeeks!

My first ever fashion post.

I’m still not sure how the whole fashion/sobriety/lifestyle niche is going to work out, but I love fashion and I LOVE sobriety so let’s see what I can conjure and work with it for a while…

post lulu4.JPG

Perusing my local Tesco’s superstore on a dull Tuesday afternoon I stopped to have a look at the cat food deals (I have a cat called Ted who will no doubt feature heavily in this blog over the next few months, he’s the cutest, fluffiest, prettiest boy there is – I’m obsessed).

There right next to the tatty, string catnip toys, hung a huge canvas bag with those lips staring at me. Could this be? Lulu G has gone all high street on us? So it seems the iconic lip queen has partnered with Tesco’s and developed a chic bag for life.

post lulu3

The perfect size to carry your laptop/gym kit/cat and of course food shop around in, whilst standing out from the crowd in a cool eco friendly ‘look I care about the environment AND am a style queen’ way.

It looks great adding a splash of colour to a simple, casual outfit and it’s SUPER handy and a good size; as well as being comfortable to hold, even if it is packed with 20 tins of cat-food (padded handles – who knew).

I have to admit my first thought when popping the bag through the till was I wonder how many bottles of vino I could carry in that, but I quickly checked myself. I was no longer the person trying to hide their daily bottles of booze amongst the pasta and salad whilst saying to the cashier “I’m having people over…big dinner…they like a drink – my friends… hmm”.

No, instead I shall use my Lulu for everything but the booze, and I shall carry it for life (well a few months, maybe a year or two). Posing in front of matching red  telephone boxes and such like.

Post lulu2

Katie xxx

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