Rugby (bundle ball)

Yesterday I had my first ever rugby experience, England vs Ireland on St Paddy’s day at Twickenham. Not a bad way to start if I do say so myself.

Here’s a few things I learnt;

  • Rugby men are big, like massive. I could have seen them without my contact lenses in – they really don’t need those big screens.
  • Everyone is SUPER friendly, maybe it was the fancy dress, maybe it was the Guinness but everyone was smiling despite the slow game (actually it probably was the Guinness).
  • They sometimes bring another ball onto the pitch after a conversion kick – do NOT look at this ball until the other ones kicked off- or you’ll totally miss the important bit (I couldn’t work out why everyone was cheering when the ball was just sitting there).
  • There’s always 1 token grumpy guy who hates people getting up to go to the loo; “The rugby starts when the whistle blows!” “That may be true but my bladder starts after 3 hot chocs trying to stay warm!”
  • It doesn’t matter if you cheer when the wrong team score – because everyone sits together!
  • There’s a lot of men heaping on top of each other, when I was young in London we used to call that a BUNNNDDDLLLLLLEEEEEE (if you know, you know), I seriously think the RFU should consider renaming the game Bundle Ball, got a nice ring to it don’t you think?

Great experience – really fun and totally worth braving the cold for awesome atmosphere! Loads of places to get food (expect pies and pasties not sushi and salad though) and non alcoholic drinks.

A brilliant day out for the SS gal or guy.

Katie xxx

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