Break away in a…chalet

I recently came back from a much needed couple of nights away with my Mum in the Cotswolds.

We found a little chalet (or mobile home) in a holiday park surrounded by lakes, geese and swans. A really cute, quiet, comfortable little place that had everything we needed… and that I would have totally stuck my nose up at a few years ago. Thing is, it didnt have a bar, not an easily accessible one anyway – so what use would it have been to me then!?

On the way to the chalet we stopped off in Marlborough, a beautiful town that I hadn’t been to before but is definitely worth a visit. Because of the recent move in with Mr. M, I had mirrors on my mind. We have umpteen hooks in our rented house that I cannot stand the sight of so I wanted to cover them with art. But we dont have the same taste in art, so I decided mirrors were the next best thing. I just had to find the mirrors first. Luckily Marlborourgh has loads of 2nd hand and antique shops and so the hunting began!

After a few hours of rummaging around dusty antique shops I came to the realisation that it has begun, the slow decent into becoming my mother…


After a lovely afternoon tea in a quaint little tea shop, we ventured back to the chalet to unpack and explore the surroundings. We found a gorgeous little church not too far away with some gardens to walk around. It was a dry evening and after a day of constant rain the grass and trees smelt fresh and alive. We met a few fellow walkers on our outing, all of whom stopped for a little ‘hello’ or chat. That’s one of the biggest differences between anywhere else in the UK and London. People quickly lose the ability to look people in the eye as soon as they step foot into zone 5 and regain it again once they leave the tube line… an odd phenomenon.

The next day we visited the most beautiful sculpture park in Cirencester which has so many amazing sculptures, some were thought provoking, some funny and some just plain bloody scary. It was like visiting an art exhibition but outdoors. I know we were outdoors because 20 mins in, it started pissing it down and we had to run for cover near the iron elephants… obviously.

I had 2 favourites in the park, the first was a giant wire peacock… Mum thought it was tacky (shes got far more ‘tasteful’ taste than me when it comes to art – I like the garish), my second was a brass statue of a couple hugging – just looking at it made me feel safe and I sent a picture of it to Mr. M.

The whole experience reminded me how much I love art and I vowed to visit more exhibitions when back in London town (might need to try harder at that considering we have been back a few weeks and I have made the effort to go to precisely 0 exhibitions).

We stopped for lunch at another gorgeous little tea room with Alpacas out the back. Wherever I go I seem to seek out the Alpacas, my mum shares the same love of them as I do. They never fail to make me smile. Feeling a bit blue? Google: smiling alpaca, I promise you will have a grin on your face and an ‘awwww’ in your mouth within seconds.


On the way back we popped to see where my Dad’s family originally come from, a tiny little village just outside of Marlborough. My Dad started doing a family tree a while back and loves looking at the history of the family. I called him whilst outside the small church and he told me all about his ancestor’s past and when they first came to London, it made me realise I don’t know much about either side of the family. I didn’t really take much of an interest when I was unwell but now I love hearing about it all and hope that I remember it to tell my family and so on….

Speaking of remembering, somewhere within the 2 days we also visted the Avebury Stone Circles (which are part of Stone Henge). I’m not sure exactly when we did this, because my memory is absolutely diobolical (if it were any worse I could probably plan my own surprise party), but I know we did and it was fun – look I have a photo to prove it.


That will teach me for writing about an event weeks after it happened – next time I might have a better chance of retelling my experiences if I don’t leave the writing to 20 days after. Soz. But the long and short of this post is, great quality time with Mummy, Cotswolds is beautiful and I am sure we will be back.

Love Katie xxx

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