Becoming serene by being clean

Everyone’s got that one place, that one place in their bedroom where they dump their clothes. An accidental clothes horse, that chair in the corner that you haven’t seen the seat of since 2017.

I have an ottoman, (fear not – I didn’t know what an ottoman was until I got one either, it’s basically a fancy name for a big chest used for storage) at the foot of my bed and slowly over the course of the last few weeks piles and piles of clothes have gathered to build a clothing pyramid. I can’t be sure, but I think they all changed positions when I left the room to give the items on the bottom a rest and mix it up a little.

My laundry bin is less than a foot from said ottoman, and if anyone else was living with me and doing what I have been doing stern words would be said, but they havent and I have, so I’ve got into the bad habit of flinging my clothes off my body and onto the ottoman or in the floordrobe (get it? floor-drobe…)


Over the last few weeks I’ve also noticed myself feeling out of sorts, disorganised, flappy (sure that’s a word) faffing ( definitely a word) and wearing clothes that look really really bad together because I can’t see what clothes I actually own.

I’m sure part of feeling rubbish was to do with my surroundings – its true what they say; Tidy house, tidy mind. When I was in my teens and feeling a little blue (before I discovered booze) I would do a big spring clean of my bedroom, light some incense and feel loads better.

I’ve been reading Marie Kondo’s book (a pressie from my Mum for Xmas), the Life Changing Magic of Tidying. If you haven’t heard of Marie – Google her. She’s the cutest, most politely spoken woman on TV right now and she is fabulous at folding clothes to make the most of minimal space. Which, is brilliant for me because I have more clothes than storage in my lovely, teeny 1 bed flat.

So, the other night I decided to tackle the issue. I grabbed my book (and YouTube – because who’s got time to actually read how to fold clothes when you can watch it in minutes…) I cranked up Kisstory and got tidying, folding and clearing out. It’s a daunting task, tidying. You realise how much crap you actually own, then feel bad for spending money on the crap that you own and end up procrastinating by searching charities you can donate the crap to before coming to the conclusion that it’s best to keep it… just in case.

It took 4 hours all in all – it would have probably taken less but Ted likes to get involved every step of the way!

4 hours to tidy all my clothes away when I could have been meditating, reading, watching Keeping up with the Kardashians or bettering myself in other ways.

But now I am able to;

  1. See the floor
  2. Move around my bedroom
  3. Sleep better
  4. See Ted – he’s no longer camouflaged amongst the chaos.

I realise this may seem like a really boring post, seriously am I really writing about my experience of folding clothes?! Well yep – I am.

It made me feel so much better, it meant I was able to relax in my own space and pick out outfits super easily! One of my friends sees a therapist and this therapist once advised her to pick out each day’s outfit the night before, to save scrabbling around in the morning and to minimise choice in the morning. I am not quite there yet, I mean I’ve only just been able to sort my socks into matching pairs. But I can see how this would really enhance someones life!

So if you are feeling a bit low on energy have a little look around your surroundings – could you make it a more tidy, calmer space? Give it a go – I was surprised how much of a sense of achievement I got from simply tidying up after myself.

Katie xxx

Next week on Katie’s blog of the mundane… how to organise your cutlery drawer… watch out for that one – it wont disappoint.


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