Stylishly Sober @ Stylist Live

On Sunday I spent the day at Kensington Olympia at the Stylist Live event.

For peeps outside of London, the Stylist is a weekly free magazine given to the Londoners that brave the tube every Wednesday. They don’t seem to give it out to us rail users anymore (sad face emoji), the only downfall of no longer living on a tube line. The mag talks all things fashion, health, beauty and current affairs and each year brings it’s pages to life in an event called Stylist Live – it’s a range of pop up shops, freebies, inspirational talks and activities you can sign up to.

Arriving at Kensington Olympia was like being at a 90% female airport, ladies dramatically hugging each other hello, exclaiming ‘It’s been too long!’ I joined the airport goers and met one of my oldest friends -we met at primary school and have been friends ever since (all together now -ahhhhh)

Glitter and pink explosion!

Held in the impressive space of Olympia we were greeted by a buzzing atmosphere, huge magazine covers dangling from the ceiling, free drinks tokens and a photo op with a glittery sign. Unfortunately the drink token was only for gin and tonic in a can – come on Stylist – next year branch out on the free drink options – those cans were my catalyst into morning drinking (easy to gulp walking to work and on the tube and made me feel less sick then vino).

I love the space in Olympia so huge and light

Last year I came to the event to see Russell Brand talk about his book ‘Recovery- Freedom from our addictions’. I was in awe of how he spoke about recovery – he didn’t talk much about the debauchery of his addiction, more about the solutions to getting clean. He used the unnecessarily long words with lots of syllables that he is known for and it was fabulous and inspiring.

After the talk Mr Brand did a book signing and a I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to chat sobriety with this gorgeous man. I had the opportunity yes…

Did I f*ck it up royally?

Of course!

When it was my turn to meet this inspiring man I totally lost my ability to speak in coherent sentences, I couldn’t look him in the eye when he tried to start a conversation like a normal human being. I managed to mumble something about my sobriety date, to which I think he congratulated me -although it’s a total blur. But I do remember that rather than ending this wonderful dialogue with ‘Have a nice evening’ I ended up spluttering ‘Has a knife esesning’ before running off to call my parents to relay one of the top 5 most embarrassing moments of my life. Big claps to me.

My awkward smile still sends shivers down my spine

This year my friend and I decided not to make pillocks of ourselves in front of celebs and instead do a healthy activity where we could make pillocks of ourselves in front of complete strangers – we tried Hip-Hop yoga.

Now I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I walked into the dimly lit room, playing old-skool hip-hop, smelling of incense (this inspired me to try and buy some incense on the way home-much more difficult to acquire than anticipated – Iended up with a scented candle from Primark that lasted an hour). What we were greeted with was a wonderfully straight -talking yoga instructor sporting the the most impressive Afro I have ever seen. She led us through a 45 min practise gracefully and thoroughly, making us individually push ourselves but listen to our bodies, all to the beat of some relaxing hip-hop tunes.

I’ve had this pedicure for 3 months, I am disgusting, I know

The last 15 mins of the class were dedicated to meditation- again to music. I didn’t think I would be able to zone out, after a stressful week and just having listened to some of the most catchy, memorable tunes of my teens, but zone out I did- completely- my body totally relaxed after the stretching and pulling, my mind drifted until we were brought back into the room by the instructor. If you like yoga and you like hip-hop I thoroughly recommend! It’s great for all levels of yogi, I am pretty much a beginner and my friend more advanced, but we bother felt comfortable and ‘stretched’ enough (yaaaaas yoga pun).

We finished the day by catching up over a cuppa and having a mosey round the stalls-of which there were many. Ranging from high -end beauty to small clothes boutiques and handmade jewellery. But the crowds got the better of us and because we mostly hate people we decided to call it a day rather than shop till we drop (I’m much more of an online girl anyway)

Love Katie


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