A well good wellness event

For any readers not from South London, let me translate the title – A really good wellness event.

I got up on 6.30am this Saturday. 6.30AM. The only reason I would have been up at that time in my drinking days would have been if I needed a pee or if I was still partying. But this Saturday was different, I was taking part in my first triathlon; not the swim/cycle/run kind – that would be ludicrous, but a wellness triathlon which consisted of;

  • A 5k run
  • 1 hour intense yoga
  • Group Meditation

Held in the beautiful Battersea Park, the Wanderlust events are held all over the world, focused on health and wellness activities and products.

The first event was a 5k run, which probably doesn’t seem like much to most people but for someone who despises running – it felt like a marathon. The scenery of Battersea Park on a beautiful sunny day definitely helped, as did the cute little insta friendly inspirational quotes dotted around the course (a good excuse to catch my breath and take a pic).


Picture time! Any excuse for a quick breather

After the run we all found our yoga mats and to the sound of the infamous Goldie, DJing some deep house tunes we downward dogged, cobra’d and tree posed our way through an hour in glorious sunshine.

Following the yoga we (a few hundred strangers in a central London park) all gathered close to the stage to take part in a group meditation for 20 minutes. 20 minutes of total silence!! Not a chance, I thought. But within 5 minutes I was in a total trance only to ‘come too’ with a strangers hand on my shoulder and mine on the person next to me. The energy the meditation created was magical, and set me  up for the rest of the day. Never did I think the day would come where I would touch a total stranger in a park and feel so OK with it… maybe I should be more worried.

The rest of the day included a hula-hooping class, with a weighted hoop. For 30 mins we lunged, we squatted, we twerked and basically dominated that hoop! It was mucho fun.  I had the added advantage of being an experienced hooper. When I was young I had a heavy wooden hula-hoop that I spent hours playing with in the garden, apparently non-plussed about splinters. I’m pleased those skills came to good use eventually. Maybe one day I will find somewhere to put my space hopper skills to use too…


No splinters here!

After all the activity I was bloody ravenous and searched for the food hut with the shortest queue, which was of course a vegetarian stall. Who knew beetroot, goats cheese and avo in a wrap could be so good! If the carnivores had known I’m sure they would have given up their burger and sausage in brioche.

To top off the fabulous morning I, of course, ended up buying stuff I cant really afford. This time in the form of some gorgeous hand made jewellery. The black Tourmaline Crystal in the necklace helps reflect negative energy. I knew this because I really got into crystals when I was drinking, I thought holding them could save me and get me sober, unfortunately I was so pissed I kept loosing the damn things.


I won’t be loosing this one

So another brilliant Saturday spent in the heart of London with great people, an amazing atmosphere, positive energy and not a drop of booze consumed or needed. The amount of fun I have not drinking never fails to amaze me. If you are interested in living a sober life for any reason, I can promise you you do not need to be bored, you won’t miss out, your world will not become smaller, it’ll grow.

Love Katie xxx


And don’t you forget it!


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