The fun you can have without the fizz

Sitting down on a Sunday night writing a blog post with a face mask on and Ted next to me is one of the highlights of my week, it always reminds me how lucky I am to have the life I do.

This week has been a busy one, I’ve been travelling a lot with my new job and I started this week with meetings in Manchester, then I came back down to London for more  meetings, went to Wembley to see an amazing concert and then had a lovely romantic getaway in Beaconsfield. Now I need a nap.

Manchester Piccadilly Station trains rail railway England

Pic of Manchester Piccadilly for you 

Travelling for work isn’t something I have had to do much of in the past and wouldn’t have been something I would have been capable of doing, the temptation to drink whilst travelling on my own would have been too much. Even travelling now on the journeys home I notice people ordering wine and beers on the long journey back to London (some on the morning journey out from London) to help them unwind. But my version of unwinding is doing a little bit of Insta browsing, reading a fashion mag and having coffee. I love the travel that comes with my job now, I get to see a little bit more of England each time I hop on the train – good job I don’t get travel sick really.


How many croissants is too many?

The best thing about the travel is definitley the food. 2-3 continental brekkies in one week? Go on then.

I love going away, meeting new people, travelling to new places but I always love coming back to London. It really is the city that offers everything, and it always delivers.

On Thursday I went to Wembley to watch Ed Sheeran. I love Ed, he seems like a nice down to earth guy that you could imagine bumping into on the train back from one of his own concerts, trying to keep it ‘real’. His tunes are catchy and the lyrics memorable, which he made even more so when he brought out Andrea Boccelli onto the stage with him!

I love concerts and live music of any kind, the energy or people singing around you and having a little boogie makes any stresses and strains soon melt away.

Seeing Ed (seems like we are really close doesn’t it?) in such an iconic venue underneath the stars was amazing. Wembley was beautiful. I enjoyed every moment of it and came home clear headed and able to enjoy the next morning. Sober gigging is the best.

fun without fizz 10

Thursday night under the stars with some great music – lucky me

On Saturday Nick (the other half) and I went on a romantic little get away to The Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield. Somewhere I’ve wanted to go for years, and it didn’t disappoint.

Before we got there – of course I had a little looksie at the website, the rooms I saw were a bit dark and a bit too 50 Shades of Grey for me. But when we were taken to our suite I was delighted that it was full of natural light, was really bright and had a huge brass bath at the foot of the bed. The room had lot’s of different textures, leather rugs, fluffy cushions, sumptuous curtains, I think it was all meant to be a bit sensuous but all I could focus on was the bath… the big brass bath.

The bath filled up from the ceiling, water came out of the ceiling and fell into the bath… from the CEILING!

fun without fizz 11

Bubbles still make me happy – just not the same kind 

After spending way too long in the huge brass bath that fills up from the ceiling (did I mention water comes out of the ceiling to fill up the bath???) we went for dinner. A 10 plate Thai dinner to be exact. It was scrumptious. Clean, non greasy (no one likes a greasy prawn tempura now do they) and just the right amount of food to make us feel really full and greedy. It was impressive, almost as impressive as the lampshades that hung over us.

fun without fizz 5

50 shades of bling

Waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed the next day (anyone else ever wonder where that saying comes from?) we went down for another continental brekkie – can’t get enough. There weren’t many people that made the breakfast, like I would have been a couple of years ago; they were probably recovering under their duck feather filled duvet’s, so we got all the waiter’s attention.

After one too many croissants we lounged by the pool all day, the weather was a bit grim but we snuggled under the blankie until it was time for yet more food.

fun without fizz 7

Reminds me I must book in for a pedi

This time lunch was in the English restaurant, a 3 courser beef roast. Scrumdiddlyumscious. Before driving back home.

So it has basically been a week/weekend full of travel, food and fun, non of which would be possible without being in recovery, I wouldn’t have got this amazing job I did if I was still in addiction, I wouldn’t have met Nick if I didn’t go to rehab, I wouldn’t have the money to do these things because I would have spent it all on fizz, I wouldn’t have the stomach to eat all the food I did and to be honest I probably wouldn’t have even been allowed entry to the places I went to.

Life is good today.

I am one lucky (and very full) lady.

Katie xxx


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