The bolder the dress the less distress

What I’m trying to hint at with this ominous title is the link between outfit choice and internal well-being. 

I’ve always loved fashion, I’ve always admired people who simply wear what they want, for them and no one else. I admire the bold dressers; the Versace’s the Iris’ and the Sarah Jessica Parkers. I also admire those who clearly dress for themselves and no one else; the Kate Moss’, the Beyonce’s and the Hepburns. I’ve admired them from afar, too self conscious of fitting in to follow their lead, until recently.

Please excuse the dirty wall – just keep looking at the dress

Growing up I chose fairly plain clothes, the last thing I wanted was attention. I wanted to blend into the background, have no one speak to me and definitely not comment on what I was wearing, but, paradoxically I also wanted to be one of those confident teenagers who wore what they wanted, bright colours, bold prints, not controlled by the fashion pages of Sugar magazine (anyone remember Sugar? Wow I loved that mag). But confident just wasn’t me. I experimented with different styles but always played it pretty safe. After all I wanted girls to like me and boys to not notice me.

Post awkward teen years and pre-drinking my life away age, I only dressed for others. Wearing the most uncomfortable outfits to fit in, be on trend, be attractive to other people. I tried for years to be someone I wasn’t. If it was in season, in the shops and affordable I would wear it. Forget what suited me and what didn’t. I just wanted to be the same as everyone else. Thank the lord social media hadn’t really taken off then – some of those outfits were tres tres questionable!

The dress is from ASOS btw – still in stock

In my later years I was engulfed by alcoholism and totally gave up on my appearance, wearing anything that was vaguely clean and that I was least likely to rip when I inevitably fell over. I remember a number of occasions when I wore the same thing a couple of days in a row, passing out in the clothes and not bothering to take them off in between.

Focus on the dress not the mess

Now, I dress for me. In clothes that make me smile. In outfits that are comfortable and that make me feel good. Which is a really long-winded way of getting to the point of this beautiful dress. Never in a million years would I have thought I would wear a bright blue flowery dress with leopard print panel in.

But I do.

It’s eye – catching, different, practical and makes me grin. Even if I’m not feeling fabulous when I wake up, dressing for a sunny disposition soon changes that (sounds like something Mary Poppins would have said – wise woman).

Mary Poppins eat your heart out

I encourage you all to wear what makes you smile, life’s too short to do anything else.

Katie xxx

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