Airport Abstinence

I’m lucky enough to have travelled a fair bit in my sobriety, Scotland, Georgia, Australia, Switzerland, Cyprus, Sweden (wow seriously grateful reading that list!) but still, every time I go to the airport I notice the abundance of alcohol. It is literally everywhere! For someone trying to get sober or cut down it can be a pretty daunting place. Especially as so many of us start our holiday/work trip/stag/hen do by having a drink at the airport before getting on a plane, or whilst on a plane, then at the other end (if you make it that far without passing out which, during my drinking days I invariably did not).

airport abstinence

What my flights used to look like (but with more glasses/bottles)

I have actually landed in countries that I don’t remember travelling to, some, I don’t even remember getting on the plane for, I could have been taken in a spaceship and I would be none the wiser. Not ideal.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to any cabin crew that were serving me (or refusing to) on those flights, dealing with puking and crying babies would have been far easier than dealing with a drunk Katie in a confined space I am sure. Sorry.

How I now start my airport experience – CAFFEINE!

So for anyone wanting to fly dry, here are my top tips;

  1. Get to the airport in plenty of time so you don’t reach for the wine after a stressful check in
  2. Don’t get to the airport too early so you’re tempting to kill time in the pub at the terminal (fine line)
  3. Tell the people you’re travelling with you are planning not to drink – it’ll make it easier
  4. If you’re traveling alone have a plan of action which could include;
    • Eating all the food – airports have some great places to eat nowadays
    • Shopping think of the money you’re saving by not drinking and treat yo-self tax-free!
    • Get stuck into a good book – time flies (see what I did there) when you are lost in an alternative world
  5. It’s totally cool to tell the cabin crew you don’t drink and move if someone next to you starts having a bit of a binge and wants to make friends
  6. Take the chance to have a total social media detox. I love flying alone – it’s so freeing, I love not having access to my phone and being completely cut off from the world!
  7. Think how lucky you are to be able to have the chance to get on a plane, and fly to another part of the world, remind yourself how a drink would ruin the clarity of that experience. Gratitude can work wonders

Calories in the air don’t count right?

It may be tough the first few times but flying sober is awesome, also you’re less likely to lose your luggage or miss your plane – winning!

Katie xxx


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